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proud of me

Today my mother told me she is

proud of me

because the police report said I was

polite and cooperative

she said she knows how hard

it can be sometimes



My Brother Does This Too

Sometimes I get emails from my oldest brother, and often times they will look something like this:

“cleaning out the stuff from my office… found a poem, written in my handwriting, that I have no recollection of whatsoever… written on the back of a grad school rejection letter”

The road runs right through most of the

country. Sometimes

the cross streets come fast with red, yellow

and green lights

telling you what to do, their colors spangled

together with the rest.

Pre-interstate, this road has two lanes or four,

some lines

or none, pedestrians and crossing guards,

speed limits

in the sixties sometimes.

The road runs from the east coast, somewhere

in the middle, south for a while.

It gets to the big wide open parts quickly and

runs right off the side of the map,

as if tit was destined to claim half the world.

But most people just take the

interstate. This road manifests itself in

names: Main, Elm…

solid names.

It didnt’ have much neon, but that it did have,

it liked. There were some on the

gas station, and the bar. Here, they called it

Main. They wanted

to be left alone. That’s what I heard, anyway.

We never met.



People will surprise you. About half the time, you’ll be glad they did.

One Letter…

One Letter...

…makes a difference.


I was recently trying to decide who my true friends are and who are merely people I enjoy spending time with. I came up with this litmus test, so to speak.

If all of your deepest, innermost thoughts were broadcast to all of your friends for one day, who would still be your friend the next day? That is a true friend.

Great Gatsby Trailer

This actually looks like it might be very good.

Guess which story

“A young orphan who is being raised by his aunt and uncle receives a mysterious message from a stranger. This leads him on a series of great adventures. Early on, he receives training to learn superhuman skills. Along the way, he befriends loyal helpers, specifically a guy and a gal who end up falling for each other. Our hero is also helped by a number of non-human creatures. His adventures lead him to a dark and evil villain who is terrorizing everyone and everything that our hero knows and loves.”

“Old Book Smell”

“Old Book Smell”

“‘A combination of grassy notes with a tang of acids and a hint of vanilla over an underlying mustiness’ is how an international team of chemists describes the unique odor of old books in a study. Poetic, sure, but what causes it?”