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What if…

What if...

everyone just learned the correct way to speak?


This Worries Me

One of the teachers I work with has now signed off two separate emails with, “thanks for any help or advise you can give.”

I gave her the benefit of the doubt once…

Along the same lines… when I asked another teacher if she could email me her class roster in a spreadsheet rather than giving me a paper copy (seriously, what good is a paper copy anymore?) she replied, “you’re asking too much.”


“A good dog knows its master. A clever dog knows it’s master.”


Deja Vu All Over Again

My brother just sent me an email with an excerpt from a blurb written about a colleague. This colleague was described as,

“An exemplary example of a financial aid counselor.”

(It’s a family affair.)

Gotta Brush Up…

“What is it about clouds that is so interesting?
Is it how they look,
or what their made of,
or is it just that there always there?”

It just kills me when there is no kind of consistency…

Grammar Troll

Grammar Troll


I tend to get angry after…

I tend to get angry after...

…maybe it’s just me.

Daniel FTW!

Daniel FTW!

(Her dad and I*)

Don’t look like a chimp

Don’t look like a chimp

I especially liked number 3. I’ve had arguments about this as well. I, generally, can’t stand an argument about grammar that doesn’t at least mention some sort of steadfast rule. What standard are you applying when you say “an historic” something? It’s infuriating.