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WikiHow Can’t Tell Me How to Love You

by Usagi

WikiHow can’t tell me how to love you
WikiHow doesn’t have a fuckin’ clue
I went to Yahoo Answers, they said shove it up my ass
So I went to SparkNotes, told me how to pass my class

but WikiHow can’t tell me how to love you
WikiHow can’t tell me how to love you
WikiHow can’t tell me how to love you
WikiHow doesn’t have a fuckin’ clue

about my arm around your waist
and your disappointed face
and your perfect lips saying that we’re through–
what did I do–

WikiHow can’t tell me how to love you
WikiHow doesn’t have a fuckin’ clue
The Wikipedia page on love’s
all hearts and doves and stars above
and dopamine and serotonin,
no apologies and no atonement
the Internet’s no place to go
to look up what I should have known

WikiHow can’t tell me how to love you
WikiHow can’t tell me how to love you
WikiHow can’t tell me how to love you
WikiHow doesn’t have a fuckin’ clue

So if Google cannot save the day
I’ll shut my mouth, behave, and pray
that magically you’ll take me back right now–
or someone will respond on Wi–ki–How——–



Dear Colleges

This is another from the Young Writers Project. This one was illuminated by the keywords the author chose as well…. college applications and sleep deprivation, frustration, if only i were brave enough

Dear Colleges   by three guesses

I do not seek to pretend
that I know any more or less
than anyone else and I am not trying to tell you
that I am better-smarter-nicer-stronger

I am trying to tell you I do not like lines
or boxes
or staying inside

I am trying to tell you
that I am unique
just like every single other person
who puts their five hundred words into this form

I am trying to say that I do not want to suppress it

I am not trying to tell you that
I am any good at poetry and I am not trying to tell you
that I will major in English and write poetry
for the rest of my life

I am trying to say that sometimes
line breaks make more sense to me
and sometimes I have trouble with rhythm
but if you’ve read this far then you’ve probably figured that out

I am trying to say that I am not afraid of taking risks

I do not know why you ought to pick me
over candidate X or candidate Y
you’re the only one who knows what you’re looking for after all
and if this isn’t it then you aren’t looking for me

hello I had some crazy experiences and learned some life lessons and I want to change the world and I didn’t want to write this essay and I hope you like me and I hope you want me to come to school and I hope you give me money so I can– no.

that is not what this should be about.

this is about me,
raw and unrestrained and unfiltered
and if you do not want this then you do not want me
would you like to know who I am?

I am late nights studying after adrenaline-high-inducing performances I am low E to high A I am cats and greyhounds and classical music on rainy days I am color-coded flashcards and anxiety and AP tests and dropped cell phones I am soprano or alto or tenor (depending where you want me) I am oversleeping and laughing with friends and tipping fifty percent I am politics and theatre and nerves and green tea and honey and very bad dancing I am tired I am full of joy I am nothing if I am not this I am alive.

I will come and I will dance about your campus singing showtunes, splashing in puddles, sitting quietly with headphones beneath a tree reading Shakespeare just for fun. I will write notes in paragraphs and add my voice to your discussions and reevaluate my own opinions and make friends with my ideological opposites. I will harmonize, quietly, my own little tune to whatever melody you already have written up and I’ll try my best to make it beautiful.

If you don’t want that, then you don’t want me.

So the choice is yours and I’m out of words



Wind   by jellybean98

cuz we all wish we were back in the breeze

feather filled


we are the mesh screen

weaved wires


damn we all wish we knew

that chickadee’s

melody dancin’ on the

hot air blowing through my

lungs sweeping girls off

their curls.

and man, no one knows why.

and no one need know

the mystery of

withered  whispers

weathered willows

wishful wings,

yeah sure,


it’s the atmospheric

pressurized barometric

thingamajig that causes something or other

to sneeze.

but sir,

please stop with all

the blibber blabble

scientific nonsense.

what i was saying


what exactly are

these swirls

swivels, blued up

blew down


(particles of air?)

moving across my lawn,

playing ping pong with the leaves,

brushing dust across the corn stalks.

or in more poetic terms:

where mother earth, father sea,

did you birth the wind?


by Quella

With this pen,

with this hand,

I once wrote monsters.

I wrote with the fatal spikes on their tails.

Truth clung to their backs,

so I wrote with the beastly lies on their tongues.

The blood of them stained the letters, the paper.

Seared through the fibers, into the table.

I disowned them once they were mine.

Now they breath fire in the trash can.

Burning through words that can’t contain them.

Like pulsing magma in a paper cup.

“If you look through your viewfinder, and you know that picture… Don’t take it.”

-Jean Luc Dushime

I partook in a workshop about storytelling through photography, and this quote resonated with me on more than one level. As a storyteller, it rang true outside of photography. In a lot of ways, all the stories we tell have been told before, in one form or another–but if what you’re writing sounds like a story you know, it’s probably not going to be a great final product. In the realm of photography, specifically, it made me think of all of the goddamn instagram pictures of cats doing stupid stuff, drinks with umbrellas in them, and food. I’ve seen that picture. I’ve also seen your kissy/duck face. Be original. “Be a light seeker.” -also Jean Luc

I’ve seen this before

Universities Reshaping Education on the Web

Universities Reshaping Education on the Web

New York Times article about Coursera, and similar platforms for massive open online courses (MOOCs). This revolution in the field of higher education is the best thing that has happened to the American education landscape since the Space Race. Bringing education to the people is going to save this country from the route that many fear that it is going down. Low- or no-cost education is the way to breach the gaps between the wealthy and the middle and lower classes. This idea genuinely excites me, and makes me look forward to where our higher education system can go. Institutional learning never made me feel that way. 

I call you Inspiration

I call you Inspiration

by flamingtears

It was my first adventure

into the mixed up world of yours


You wrote so amazingly,

like I never knew was even possible.

When people ask who my favorite author is I tell them about you.

Professionals are great,

but what you wrote grabbed me

and thrusted me into a whole new world.

Your mind was so crazy,

yet you wrote like an angel.

Every plotpoint kept me on the edge of my seat,

and every murder brought me closer and closer to the truth.

I couldn’t stop reading the masterpiece

on the virtual page.

That you never finished,

but you promised that you’d never forget everything.

I hope you’re not going to break that promise,

because I could never forget.

It’s been so long,

and though I never knew you

I still feel sad when I read what you’ve written.

I call you inspiration.

Your words entraced me

grabbed my emotions

toyed with them,

made me smile,

made me cry,

and I called  you Inspiration.

You wrote of murder,






of lives.

Even thinking about loosing you makes me feel sad.

Though I never really had the chance to connect with you,

I still call you inspiration.

I wanted to be like you,

to see where life could take me,

I wanted to give my best to honor you,

so I call you inspiration.

And I could read what you’ve written,

but I know that I would cry,

at what I great author you were,

how much I love your characters,

and about how you left us.

But I want to thank you,

without you inspiring me I never would have found my one true love;


Without you I’d never have writen,

so I humbly thank you for being my inspiration.

I wish you the best, because you deserve it,

(Although this clearly was not directed at me, it is truly amazing to even be a part of this community.)

Why Digital Writing Matters by Jeff Grabill

Why Digital Writing Matters by Jeff Grabill

A short article about the practicality and necessity of digital technologies in the writing classroom. Authentic audiences, collaboration, and community. Create them!

Student Loan Practices in America

Student Loan Practices in America

The New York Times discussion of student loan practices in America. Many interesting views and voices. Add your own. Very timely, as far as WITM is concerned. (That’s how we abbrv WritingIsTheMovement nowadays. Very busy.)