Into the Sunrise

If you ask anyone around me

I am that girl,

The goody-two-shoes

Perfect down to every curl.

I’ve never broken curfew

Never done anything I should not,

I act how I’m supposed to

I even monitor my thought.

I’ve been called a teacher’s pet

And I guess I sort of am,

I answer every question

And ace every single exam.

However every so often

I get tired of the expectation,

The constant knowing looks

The adult’s admiration.

It is times like this

When the only thing to do,

Is to let it all go

And run in the dew.

To run like wind

And let the stress fly away,

To feel the burden lighten

And to keep the pressure at bay.

Heading into the sunrise

Into the early morning mist,

Is the best feeling ever

You must try it, I insist.

by lindsey.s


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