The Dark’s Lullaby

Hello nighttime thinker
Please, go on to sleep
Do not lose yourself in the universe deep
Just listen to something besides your own fear
Like a wide, brown guitar
Or a sweet white tailed deer.

Oh please, pay no mind to the crude, hopeless cries
Of the people in cages, with loss in their eyes!
Yes, go leave behind all the suffering voices
Living mangled up dreams, and ugly, dark choices.

And don’t even think about how small you are
Beyond your little room, and your shiny new car,
There’s a fast-spinning world that is dying and living
And screaming, and twisting,
And never forgiving.

Oh wait, nighttime thinker,
Why are you still here?
Drift off to the lies that I tell you, my dear!
Why, everything’s lovely, and pretty, and nice!
So just go to sleep
Please don’t make me ask twice.

by clarahendersontsa

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