by Jellybean98


Maybe it was the Frank

Sinatra ballad playing

in the background, or

the rain dripping tears down

my window, but today was a disheartening day.


Like when I was driving home,

I don’t know why, but the maple

trees that didn’t have leaves,

(so austere and yet, so honest)

reminded me of my childhood.


And as a kid, I used to build forts.

They were strange creations,

stones stacked on top of one another,

dead leaves stuffed between the cracks.

And when I look back on it,

each moss-stricken stick-

precariously placed-

represented each bone in my

awkward body.


You see, I wanted to create myself.

Build each wall custom made

and top

it off with a roof.


And damn it, why couldn’t

I, why couldn’t I become

an individual?


So this, ladies and gentleman,

is why today is a disheartening day.

Is why today is just a day

to watch the rain drip down windows

Is just a day to climb dead trees

before winter comes

A day to stack

sticks and stones

under a spruce tree,

over the dead leaves.

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