This one was titled “—“


You’ve decided to sign up for long distance,

But are you ready to proceed to check out?

Firstly, are you aware of the differences between you

And your subject?

See, this one here,

She’ll always be six hours behind

Beginning her day, when his is almost over.

See, this one here,

He’ll always be six hours ahead,

Finishing early,

Adding to the three odd years he already has on her.

Now, have you read the licensing agreement?

Are you prepared to always be alone-but-not-really?

Would you prefer anesthetic for this splicing?

Are you ready for wow-you’re-still-together?

Are you ready for alone-with-no-one-to hold?

Have you prepared yourself for this practical exam?

Ready for the mystery questions?

Define us.

Define you.

Map out your location and destination.

Are you ready for frustration

Late at night when you fall asleep last when

you always would fall asleep first?

Are you ready to cry yourself to sleep for missing them?

To be reduced to smelling deodorants

Are you ready to see them everywhere,

But hurt by knowing they aren’t there?

Can you change your schedule to glean quick moments?

Can you properly bottle and release your anger,

Diffuse the ticking bomb?

If yes,

Proceed to check out.

If no,

No hard feelings.

by IrisDoll


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