Combined Thoughts and Flashbacks

You smile at me

and suddenly I’m okay.

Not okay

like I was at that concert,

but okay like

I know I have friends;

I know I have potential;

I know I have you.

Our hugs are awkward,

but comfortable.

You’ll drop your books

just to wrap your arms

around me.

And then I speed-walk home

in the freezing darkness

to East, sweet East,

but I keep glancing

over my shoulder

at the spot where we kissed.

Your hand in my hair

behind my neck

running across my shoulder

comforted me.

Your quiet, easy panting

reminded me that

you were nervous, too,

and honest,

and real, if just

for a moment.

Your nose ran up and down my cheek.

Your thumb caressed

the skin on my thigh.

You pulled away easily, fluidly

and bit your lip…

And remembering it,

I was miles from everyone

but your kiss,

your ominous presence

kept me grounded.

And the way you smile

when our fingers are intertwined

lets me know

you dream of me, too.

by interpid_heart


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