Wind   by jellybean98

cuz we all wish we were back in the breeze

feather filled


we are the mesh screen

weaved wires


damn we all wish we knew

that chickadee’s

melody dancin’ on the

hot air blowing through my

lungs sweeping girls off

their curls.

and man, no one knows why.

and no one need know

the mystery of

withered  whispers

weathered willows

wishful wings,

yeah sure,


it’s the atmospheric

pressurized barometric

thingamajig that causes something or other

to sneeze.

but sir,

please stop with all

the blibber blabble

scientific nonsense.

what i was saying


what exactly are

these swirls

swivels, blued up

blew down


(particles of air?)

moving across my lawn,

playing ping pong with the leaves,

brushing dust across the corn stalks.

or in more poetic terms:

where mother earth, father sea,

did you birth the wind?


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