Just Another Passing Day

Something about this poem grabbed me. I love the line that starts “While I…”

Just Another Passing Day

My kitchen is full of snow;

My bed is dripping wet, soggy, and soaked through.

Rain clouds hover just above my desk.


The mud that clogs the hallways,

Leaves behind a trail of shoes: wellies, trainers, sandals

The boots of people going places, going far

While I, well, I am here to stay.


The yard, now overgrown,

With green, brown, red, and blue,

My window faces trees

A golden against the sky


The colors vibrant against teh darkening veiw

Just another day that passes

But my feet have yet to wander

And as the sky darkens, I have to wonder, why?


The stream has turned orange,

The moss a bright blue,

One color melds into another,

And I find, that perhaps I have lost my shoes.


My feet are sunk deep,

In the ocean’s vast sands,

And my eyes have become heavy, very heavy



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