The Shadow Circus

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls

from every corner of the world-

welcome to the Shadow Circus,

where fire is thrown and flames are twirled!


There is hidden danger in every act!

Once we begin, there’s no turning back!

Prepare to be glued to your seats,

entranced and awed by the abstract!


Ah, here now! Our opening trick!

This woman balances on a stick-

but when it’s gone, she’s floating still

while fire dances at her neck!


And look! The acrobats, up there!

Flying, soaring through the air!

But wait- look closer. Could it be?

Flames are dancing in their hair!


Ladies and gentlemen, girls and boys,

put your hands together and make some noise!

Here, ma’am, is a rose for your child-

but hold her tight for this next surprise.


“The Fiery Giant!“ This man is rash!

He’s not drinking water- no! It’s gas!

He lights a match and eats that, too,

and- there! He is reduced to ash!


The Shadow March is starting now.

They, too, float on air- but how?

We need a lovely volunteer…

ma’am? Yes, you. Come take a bow.


Are there strings above their heads?

Or are they floating, as I said?

Are you sure? Check once more.

Not a wire! Not a thread!


Ladies and gents, you heard her say

they’re really floating here today!

Thank you ma’am, but one more thing.

Would you kindly step this way?


Our final act is a careful art.

This one’s not for the faint of heart.

Ma’am, from the circus here today,

tell me, what was your favorite part?


The floating girls who juggled knives

while fire danced around all five?

No, they weren’t afraid at all.

They say it makes them feel… alive.


Would you like to join our Shadow crew?

It will only take a moment or two.

No, you say? Well, that’s a shame-

the circus has already chosen you.


You are becoming one of us-

see? Your feet have turned to dust.

And now that you are floating, too,

you have to stay. I insist. You must!


Do you remember the opening act?

I warned you, there’s no going back!

Boys and girls, watch closely now;

her eyes are already turning black.


Ladies and gents- do not run!

Joining us is half the fun!

You’ll learn to love the fire, too;

you’ll learn to live with it, as one.


You’ll never find our troupe again!

If you get home- if, not when

you won’t remember a single thing

about the circus or the Shadow men.


Little girl, do not cry!

No, your mother didn’t die.

Rather, she’s a Shadow girl.

But yes, I suppose this is goodbye.


Folks, your eyes are filled with fear,

but the Shadow men are finished here.

We have what we came here to take,

and now it’s time- dawn is near.


But listen closely to what I say-

this could be your home one day.

Come and join the Shadow Circus!

We’ll certainly take your breath away.


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