My Job


As time goes on, my job with the youngwritersproject is becoming increasingly devoted to website development and other, impersonal, facets of the project. I’m still an active mentor on the site, and responsible for much of the administration of the website itself, but I’ve been spending much less time truly reading and responding to the work of these young writers. My boss encourages us to spend time each day reading and commenting, but sometimes it’s not enough to read for a few minutes at a time. I relish days like today, in which I have half the day to do nothing but immerse myself in the writing of these students and become lost in their stories and imaginings. Not only is it a rewarding experience, it is the perfect counterpoint to spending hours doing back-end web maintenance–or as I affectionately refer to it, “soul-sucking work.” Just when I thought my brain was going to turn to dust, I get to take a refreshing dip into the pool of creativity that our young writers create and maintain. I love my job. 


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