I call you Inspiration

I call you Inspiration

by flamingtears

It was my first adventure

into the mixed up world of yours


You wrote so amazingly,

like I never knew was even possible.

When people ask who my favorite author is I tell them about you.

Professionals are great,

but what you wrote grabbed me

and thrusted me into a whole new world.

Your mind was so crazy,

yet you wrote like an angel.

Every plotpoint kept me on the edge of my seat,

and every murder brought me closer and closer to the truth.

I couldn’t stop reading the masterpiece

on the virtual page.

That you never finished,

but you promised that you’d never forget everything.

I hope you’re not going to break that promise,

because I could never forget.

It’s been so long,

and though I never knew you

I still feel sad when I read what you’ve written.

I call you inspiration.

Your words entraced me

grabbed my emotions

toyed with them,

made me smile,

made me cry,

and I called  you Inspiration.

You wrote of murder,






of lives.

Even thinking about loosing you makes me feel sad.

Though I never really had the chance to connect with you,

I still call you inspiration.

I wanted to be like you,

to see where life could take me,

I wanted to give my best to honor you,

so I call you inspiration.

And I could read what you’ve written,

but I know that I would cry,

at what I great author you were,

how much I love your characters,

and about how you left us.

But I want to thank you,

without you inspiring me I never would have found my one true love;


Without you I’d never have writen,

so I humbly thank you for being my inspiration.

I wish you the best, because you deserve it,

(Although this clearly was not directed at me, it is truly amazing to even be a part of this community.)

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