4,343 days of my life.

I counted every one.

Kind of.

Thats long enough for some things.

Long enough for a number of songs.

for a few hand carved dreams.

And a great number of reality checks…

Thats long enough to learn some things.

And to teach a couple, too.

Long enough to recognize time’s face as a metophore

for an escalator. (The one in montreal.)

To realize that speeding it, makes it break down.

Or stop.

Thats long enough For some birthdays.

Some Christmas’s.

For 4,343 wishes.

It seems like more then that.

More wishes,

more time.

I don’t want it to have been more.

Or maybe I do…

But 4,343 days

is long enough to realize

that somtimes,

wishing makes it go away.


(If you didn’t do the math, she’s 12. Pretty impressive.)

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